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An Excellent pasta

From the selection of the best durum wheat to the slow drying process. Discover the production phases of De Cecco pasta and all the secrets to cook it like a real expert. Leave the creation of fine pasta in our hands. You just have to turn it into a special dish.

Una grande pasta
A tasty discovery every day

Whether you have friends for dinner, or you want to surprise a special someone or simply discover a new flavor, browse our recipe book and find the perfect dish.

Calamarata with lobster, clams, squid salad and dried cep oil

  • Difficulty
  • Preparation time 100'
  • Servings x

In a pan, sauté oil, an unpeeled garlic clove and a piece of chilli pepper. As soon as the garlic turns golden, remove it and moisten with a bit of stock, bring to the boil then turn off the heat.

In the meantime, open the raw clams with a small knife, and recover their water. Show now

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The wellspring of Fara San Martino

The spring water that flows from the mountain of Fara San Martino into the De Cecco's factory. From the rock to the pasta dough.

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De Cecco chain of durum wheat.

A trip to the landscapes of Abruzzo to discover the important project that started on 2014 to guarantee a first quality material.

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How to cook the pasta: the ritual of taste.

De Cecco has always cultivated the art of pasta making. And the secret of a masterpiece is in the attention to details.

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The De Cecco Way - Occasions

Special dish for holidays or unexpected guests? Sara Gore always start with an excellent pasta: De Cecco pasta.

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The De Cecco Way - Consistency

The secret to an excellent pasta dish... is pasta. Discover the consistency of a pasta that cooks perfectly every time with Sara Gore

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The De Cecco Way - Ingredients

The secret to an excellent pasta dish is a pasta that’s made with only the best durum wheat semolina and pure spring water.

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When excellence and experience meet: twenty great chefs, twenty recipes for you.

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The Secrets of pasta flavors

The cooking and tasting of pasta are rituals for De Cecco. Discover why…

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New Line "Bakery De Cecco"

From the heart of wheat, only with extra-virgin olive oil. Try our baked products.

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